About Me

Photo credit: Hakim Raquib

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.“-Maya Angelou

Hello, my name is Susan Thompson and I’m a Boston-based textile artist. Every time I walk into my studio, a thrill comes over me. The artwork on the walls, the bins of dyes, paints, wax, tools, handmade printing plates, tons of fabric, and yarn greet me as I enter. For me, it is a sacred space.

Art quilts, and encaustic paintings are my main media. I transform fabric by dying, drawing, painting, waxing, sculpting, printing, embellishing and sewing. I am very much encouraged by my African heritage and the struggles of my people to survive and be free in an unjust society. Many of my artworks are somewhat political and dedicated to those ancestors who extend back to the beginning of time. Art is my means of reaching out and sharing my gift with others.

Through fabric, color, and texture, attempt to create designs, tell stories and strive to communicate the truth as I know it. Art enables me to express the deep and abiding love which fires life.

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