A Little About ME

I am an African American woman and have a husband and three children and 11 grandchildren. I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I big part of my life falls under the category of art. I am a teaching artist and a maker of art. I enjoy going to art exhibitions, openings and concerts. I am involved with The Theresa India Young Scholarship Committee, and the survival of the African American Residency Program (AAMARP) at Northeastern University.

The purpose my website is to create an Online Retrospective of my artistic endeavors. Throughout my life as an artist, I am constantly evolving. My goal is to have a body of my art online so that I can begin to categorize it and see where I have been over time. Right now, I am simply going to put it up. Some artworks will be finished pieces, other works may be unfinished but I need to see them laid out so I can think about how to resolve pieces. In any event, I am glad that you are here. Please come back and bring some friends.

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